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It is a common style of humor to describe “liberals” as overrefined, enfeebled, spoiled. They spend all their free time in Whole Foods buying Kale. They attend the ballet and listen to NPR while reading the New York Times. There used to be a term for such people – limousine liberals. The caricatures we made of those hypocrites has taken over the entire voting group. African Americans are almost entirely “liberal” but I don’t think we would characterize them as ballet loving or addicted to NPR. Somehow it became popular to presume that the value system of a liberal could only be held by relatively wealthy, white, coastal, highly educated people.


Is this the result of the takeover of the Democratic Party by the Clintons? What about Bernie Sanders? Does he spend his time in Whole Foods buying kale?  The caricature seems to have arrived at precisely the time when progressives have lost touch with their normal constituency – the working class. In this regard they have become much like the frequently mocked limousine liberals of the 20th century (FDR et al). They have allowed their appeal or message to become very narrow. It will be easy to tell going forward who can revive the party: look for the person who expands his/her appeal to include rural people and the working poor, and not by offering a few meager carrots but by actually being comfortable with that constituency. Elections cannot be won by discussing the plight of minorities ad infinitum.

Our Biased Media

I have been listening to a lot of indictments of the main stream media by people who want to sound unbiased. I think it’s fair to say that very few people in the Democratic Party look upon CNN as terribly biased. So what these radio personalities and bloggers are really doing is making the Trump voter case. Is that fair?

If I were at CNN and my first task was to relate his various statements to Billy Bush about sexually assaulting women, it would be hard for me not to comment about how outrageous and inappropriate the comments were. Would that make me biased? I probably wouldn’t have to say anything.

My next job was to report on Mr. Trump’s thoughts about torture where he said he would seek to “broaden” the laws to allow torture, including but not limited to waterboarding – so he would abandon the Geneva convention and therefore the US Constitution. If I editorialized by saying that such a policy would be illegal then I would be accused of being biased again.

Aside from saying that global warming was a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese [?], he also said this: “It’s freezing and snowing in New York – we need global warming!” If I were to suggest that his views on global warming were rather uninformed, then I would once again be accused of bias.

We can have a reasonable discussion about whether CNN and CBS [for example] were biased in 2012 when they discussed the speeches and policies of Romney and Obama. When the statements of a candidate are so extreme, contradictory and outrageous that no bias is needed to see to expose them then the accusation no longer holds. The media may have wanted to be biased but they didn’t need to be. Trump’s behavior was so inappropriate, they had only to repeat his words. If you don’t like them, that’s on you, not the mainstream media.

We could probably say that this was the most unbiased media, during an election, that we have seen in some time.




Does it make you happy to know that a foreigner living in a third world country has been brought out of poverty by virtue of a trade deal with the US? Does it matter to you that they did so by firing US workers? If you don’t care about your neighbor (he can find another […]

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Now that we have Trump we also have a completely Republican Congress. Every bill originates in the House of Representatives, not in the White House. They will begin to produce laws by the bucketload because they know that there are almost no impediments to getting them passed. They can repeal Dodd Frank, repeal ObamaCare, destroy […]

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In 1976 we were offered two horrible candidates – a Nixon apologist and a slow talking peanut farmer. In a debate, President Ford famously said “There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.” Carter countered by butchering an interview with Playboy magazine. Ford was the status quo guy who would preserve the Nixon administration’s imperial presidency […]

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For twenty years hate radio has ruled AM wavelengths. Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and all their friends attack Democratic politicians and often stand for certain right wing principles but there is one swear word that permeates every rant – “Washington“. It is said with contempt, scorn, disdain, disgust. Every politician who lives there is corrupted by […]

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In ancient Rome they called it Portorium. As goods poured in and out of Rome a tax was put on the importation of foreign products. Around the time of the American Revolution there were only two sources of government revenue:

Taxes on booze Import duties (tariffs).

This was essentially true right up to the 20th […]

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Let’s pair up the two worst kinds of people in the world – Islamists and Pedophiles. I won’t debate which is worse but the problem is similar:

In the case of Pedophiles we make it a crime for them to look at child pornography in the belief that such behavior may well lead to actual human […]

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Free Some Whistle Blowers!

On September 22, 2016 By

Every few years we get a person willing to sacrifice their life to expose government corruption and fraud. Unfortunately we can list them almost on one hand:

Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers) Mark Felt (Deep Throat) Karen Silkwood (Nuclear plant safety) Jeffrey Sterling Joseph Wilson (“What I didn’t find in Africa”) Russ Tice Chelsea […]

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The economic data are becoming clearer:

Productivity growth has completely stalled (much of it was based on fictional benefits from import substitution). Population growth is diminimus. Government stimulus is static. The budget deficit is sitting at $600bn – is that OK? Private and public sector investments are dead. Corporations are just buying back stock and […]

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There are a few major policy issues that get me worked up and when I see a new set of cases that should test my opponents then I want to hear what they have to say. Media interviewers never seem to ask the right questions so I’ll ask them here and maybe they’ll hear me.


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